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Testimonials and Letters of Recommendations

LINDA BARNETT-JOHNSON, is an Editor par excellence. She has edited (X2) my soon-to-be-published book, "The Art of the Gentle Healer."  You will find her a pleasure to work with, accurate in the smallest detail and inventive. Her fees are as moderate, as is her fine attention to punctuation. 
~Peter J. Wright, Author                                                 

"Linda Barnett-Johnson is a terrific virtual assistant.  She is an expert in networking amongst many other competencies.  Diligent, friendly, on time and resourceful, I am so happy that our paths crossed and I am able to utilize her services.  

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, 
Positive Psychologist and 
Author of The Truth (I'm a girl, I'm smart and I know everything) 

"Linda Barnett-Johnson is the best in the business in my opinion. I have found her to be both quick and accurate when it comes to editing my short stories and my novels. I've been associated with her for about five years and have always found her services to be first rate and reasonably priced. I believe that when one spends months and sometimes years writing a novel it is foolish to send it out to publishers without having a professional editor review it first and point out any errors, loose ends or flaws. When I first started writing I edited all my own work. As a testament I have a drawer full of rejections. Since I have been using Linda's editing services I have had stories published by Fantasy Gazetteer, Long Story Short, The Creative Writer, The Military Writer's Assoc. and others. I have won prizes for my writing from The Hamilton Writers Guild,  Writer's Digest Writing Competition and more. My stories include “Granny O'Toole's Recipe”, “Anasazi Moon”, “Savannah” and others. 

To sum it up, if your looking for an editor that will polish your work, make appropriate suggestions and prepare your work for scrutiny and acceptance by a publisher, look no further." 

Gene Alvin
AKA “Aelf”
Collinwood, TN
"I have been in partnership with Linda Barnett-Johnson for more than 8 years (though we’ve never met!) She is without a doubt the most reliable, steadfast, dutiful person I have ever known. She never lets you down and is a joy to work with. She has a vast business background which serves her very well in all endeavors.  Her Internet marketing skills are excellent, she has a keen editor’s eye and her proofreading is beyond compare!  Do I think she is terrific?  You bet!"

Denise Cassino
Senior Editor, Long Story Short
JV Marketing Specialist

"Linda  aims to please. She is efficient and responsive to my needs. Ask specifically about what it is you want from her and she will do her best to deliver. She is very versatile. She keeps my website up to date, has created create graphics for my media page and helps me keep up with social networking."

Linda Ballou-Adventure travel writer and 
Author of Wai-nani-High Chiefess of Hawai`i
North American Travel Journalist Association
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413


"I am a new, although not a young writer. The act of writing creative fiction has become the central activity of my intellectual life. Knowing you are there to edit my work gives me a freedom of expression that I would not otherwise have. I know that once you have finished the editing that my work is ready to be submitted, or that it needs more work. Thank you for your presence as a partner in my writing career. In the two years I have been working with you, twelve short stories have been accepted forca publication. 

~Mark Chorna 

"Linda Barnett-Johnson, Assistant Editor, LSS Magazine, was vital to the completion and publication of my thriller novel, The Dog Men. She guided me three times through the editing and re-writing of this book and it has met with reasonable success. It is easy to develop an easy, working relationship with Linda. She has edited several of my short stories and I look forward to working with her on others. I highly recommend Linda's professional services." 

~Patricia Crandall


"Want to learn how to write? I mean, aside from all the courses out there that cost money. Aside from all the books that tell you how to write but don't give you feedback or critiques on what you've just written. Well, I've got just the place for you. It's called My LSS Writing Friend. Yes, it's a writing group, but not just any writing group. I joined it about four years ago. At that time it was small, just about fourteen members maybe. I'd had a few bad experiences with other groups and was about to give it up. Good thing I didn't. Every month we have a new set of ideas supplied by Linda Barnett-Johnson, the editor and moderator of our group. We choose one of the ideas and then create a short (2000 words) story. We post our first draft. Our group members critique it, (No flaming or personal attacks allowed under any circumstances.) and we critique their stories. Since starting with this group I've had five short stories, one article, 3 awards and two poems published. All of them were inserted into our writing group where they were pulled, twisted, pummeled and corrected. I gotta say, I love being critiqued. When the month is over, I have a story that, if I choose to send it out, has a good chance of being published. 

And now to Linda Barnett-Johnson. First let me say that My LSS Writing Friend forum wouldn't exist without her. She is focused on success, your success as a writer. If you do the work, you'll get results, just like I have. If you are just a wannabe and don't do the work, you won't last very long. Your choice. Recently I've hired Linda as my editor. After I've completed my final draft of a story and it's run the critique gamut of our group, I send it to Linda for a final edit. Is that a good idea? Does it pay off? Well, consider this, the last short story I sent her, "It's All in the Cards," was written in March. It went through the group, and then I sent it to Linda for a final edit. In June, I found out that it had won first place in the Fantasy Gazetteer short story contest for July. Prize money and publication, what more could I ask? What more could you ask? In summation, if you are serious, if you really want to be a writer, you'd best get off your butt and get involved with this group." 

"Linda Barnett-Johnson wears many hats, and she wears them well. I first came in contact with Linda while submitting a short story to Long Story Short Ezine magazine. As assistant editor, Linda's input is invaluable to subscribers and writers at all levels. Linda came to my rescue when I needed an editor for my novel, soon to be published, by a Publisher providing minimal editing. When I saw Linda's ad for editing at a very reasonable rate, I contacted her immediately. We developed an easy, working relationship right from the beginning. My manuscript was turned around from being mediocre to one that I would actually want to see in print. Linda pointed me in the right direction, showing me what my story lacked, and she encouraged me to flush out my characters. I look forward to working with Linda on my numerous stories/books. The time and money spent are well worth it. Kudos to Linda."

"As a novice writer, I was nervous about joining the forum and exposing my work to a group of talented writers. Even more, I was hesitant to critique the work of others who were ahead of me in this line. However, a few months down the road, I have to say that Linda was right on every count. They were nice people, and they did help me write better, and even the critiques I had to be (gently) coerced into taught me about what to look for in a good story.  Thank you for allowing be to be a part of the writers forum on Long Story Short." 


"I have been with My Writing Friend for 2 years now (wow, how fast time has gone!) Because of the great experiences, I have become much stronger as a writer, editor and critic. I have learned a lot and very quickly.  Each group offers unique perspectives and helps writers grow.  Since working with the group, I have submitted much more work, because I am confident in what is being produced and have had the joy of having over fifteen submissions accepted to various magazines, e-zines and other publications.

The pace is rapid,but is great training for those who really want to write and get something done with it."

~Jennifer Fisch-Ferguson 

"I am the co-author of the first and definitive biography of the erotic film legend and pop culture icon, John Curtis Holmes.  Our comprehensive book, John Holmes: A Life Measured in Inches was published on August 8th, 2008 by Bear Manor Media.  It continues to enjoy critical acclaim and solid sales success due, in part, to the efforts of our publicist, Linda Barnett-Johnson.  Ms. Barnett-Johnson has represented the book's originator and my co-writer, Jennifer Sugar and myself, in the role of publicist for the past two months.  We are pleased with her pro-active approach toward soliciting interviews/reviews on our behalf, and we recommend her services to anyone seeking effective book promotion, an enhanced profile for published works and an increase in book sales."

Linda Barnett-Johnson
Virtual Assistant